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Ep004: Bill Tarbell of Workarea Commerce on commerce platform evolution

March 1, 2019

A former developer and long-time veteran of the commerce platform industry, Bill Tarbell of Workarea Commerce has made a career of simplifying the complex. He shares where we’ve been and how the commerce industry needs to continue its evolution to better serve retailers and merchants of all sizes.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Three eras of commerce platform evolution, from early “framework” type offerings (ATG, IBM WebSphere) to open source and ease-of-use pioneers (Magento, Demandware) to today’s modern, SaaS-based solutions (Shopify, Workarea Commerce)
  • How Workarea aims to bring greater flexibility and customization to retailers and merchants who want to create an innovative experience across channels and customer touch points
  • The difference between “microservices” and “headless” commerce architectures
  • Where microservices works best versus headless approaches or “monolithic” platforms
  • How standardization is coming (but isn’t here yet), when the commerce platform market becomes truly commoditized – more innovation to meet market needs is needed
  • Why retailers/brands should make time to evaluate and understand what type of technical approach and platform will work best for the organization – and hold vendors to high standards of transparency in the sales cycle
  • Why 2019 should drive greater integration of commerce and content, and enable brands' ability to deliver both faster than ever

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